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Mountain village Lysos

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Visit our village in spring. A rich green to the sea!

Mountain village Lysos

Lysos is a traditional mountain village in the Paphos district, Cyprus. Here seems the time to stand still. Lysos with its approximately 200 inhabitants lies on an altitude between 500m and 600m and offers fantastic views of the Akamas Peninsula, the Mediterranean Sea and the evergreen mountains of the Paphos Forest.

What makes Lysos so worthfull to live here?

Picture February 2016
In February the landscape around Lysos is transformed into a flowering sea of almond trees.

Picture April 2016
View over Lysos to Akamas Peninsula and the Mediterranean Sea.

Street map Lysos

In the first half of the last century, the village grew steadily and reached the high point in 1946 with 659 inhabitants. Afterwards the migration to the cities began and many people emigrated to South Africa and Australia. In 2001, the low point was reached with just 158 inhabitants. Today, the population is again just over 200. The influx of foreigners from England and Germany also contributes to the increase.

Website from Lysos council

Bus Polis - Lysos. (Route 640)

Dine and Drink in Lysos

In the village center you will find 2 possibilities to dine and drink:

Maro's Place is great for coffee, a drink or a snack. For the early risers, Maro offers a delicious breakfast. In the Lysos tavern one has the best view and complete menus are offered.

Athenas Coffee Shop opened in spring 2017 and unfortunately closed again in April 2018.


Just outside the village, towards Stavros tis Psokas, the Paradisos Hills Hotel invites you to relax on a terrace with a magnificent panoramic view.

Fruits and vegetables are plentiful, cheap and always fresh in Cyprus.

Maros Place on Facebook.

Paradises Hills Hotel

Hiking around Lysos

Lysos offers excellent opportunities for hiking. Always with great views!

Part of the European long-distance route E4 leads from Kritou Terra via Lysos to Stavros tis Psokas


Footsteps in the forest

World Wide Village Project

The picture shows the walking route "Footsteps in the Forest". This route was developed and marked by an international group of young people in 2016 in the "World Wide Village" project.

Start opposite the Lysos Forest Station and follow the signs.

Length approx. 11 km
Duration of the hike approx. 3-4 hour
Level medium

At the end of a hike you can enjoy a drink in a café or a tavern in the center of Lysos.

World Wide Village Project on Facebook.

Round trip Lysos - Melandra

Length approx. 3 km
Duration of the hike approx. 1 hour
Hight difference 104 m
Level simple

A nice hike especially suitable for a short visit in Lysos. Start at the village center and walk towards Melandra. Just before you reach Melandra you can turn right and go back to Lysos,

or take a trip to Melandra an abandoned village, unfortunately largely decayed and a sad sight.

On the hike you will be rewarded with fantastic views into Argaka Bay, the Paphos Forest and the Akamas Peninsula!

Trip to the fire station in Zacharia

Length approx. 7 km
Duration of the hike approx. 2 hour
Hight difference 130 m
Level simple


The Municipal Office of Lysos.

Church in the center of Lysos.

Backside of Church in the center of Lysos.

Renovated village house

Detail of typical stone wall

Lysos Forest Station

Look back in the last centuries.

Old and yet very impressive.

Prickly pear.

Beginning of February: Flower around Lysos.

A paradise for orchid lovers. Around Lysos you can admire more than 20 different orchids.

Orchid Anacamptis Pyramidalis (L.) Rich.

Old stone wall in the surroundings of Lysos.

Sunset in winter.

The weather in Lysos

We all talk about the weather. It determines our day, the clothes we wear and the activities we plan.
Due to the landscape in the west of Cyprus with the influence of mountains and the Mediterranean, the weather in Lysos may be different from the weather in Polis or Paphos. So it can rain in Lysos, while in Paphos the sun shines. Due to the altitude of Lysos between 500 m and 600 m above sea level, the temperatures of Lysos are usually 4 to 5 degrees below those of Paphos. In summer, this is very pleasant, but in the winter it can be very cold in the mountains, while on the southern coast around Paphos is still quite mild.

Further information:

Sun and Moon in Paphos

Sun position over earth

Water level of reservoirs in Cyprus

Lysos 27.01.2017
Statistically unlikely, but it happens. A cold front from the north brings the snow and temperatures drop to 1 ° C. On the previous day it was still 11 ° C.

Lysos 2.03.2017
The almond trees bloom. At the beginning of March temperatures rise above 20°C. Spring is here!


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