Hiking around Lysos

Lysos offers excellent opportunities for hiking. Always with great views!
Part of the European long-distance route E4 leads from Kritou Terra via Lysos to Stavros tis Psokas
Footsteps in the forest
World Wide Village Project The picture shows the walking route "Footsteps in the Forest". This route was developed and marked by an international group of young people in 2016 in the "World Wide Village" project.
Start opposite the Lysos Forest Station and follow the signs.
Length approx. 11 km
Duration of the hike approx. 3-4 hour
Level medium
At the end of a hike you can enjoy a drink in a café or a tavern in the center of Lysos.
Unfortunately, in 2020 we will see that many of the signs and markings are in poor condition or have been destroyed!
More Information:
World Wide Village Project auf Facebook.
Round trip Lysos - Melandra
Length approx. 3 km
Duration of the hike approx. 1 hour
Hight difference 104 m
Level simple
A nice hike especially suitable for a short visit in Lysos. Start at the village center and walk towards Melandra. Just before you reach Melandra you can turn right and go back to Lysos,
or take a trip to Melandra an abandoned village, unfortunately largely decayed and a sad sight.
On the hike you will be rewarded with fantastic views into Argaka Bay, the Paphos Forest and the Akamas Peninsula!
Trip to the fire station in Zacharia
Length approx. 7 km
Duration of the hike approx. 2 hour
Hight difference 130 m
Level simple