The weather in Lysos
We all are talking about the weather.
Due to the landscape in the west of Cyprus with the influence of mountains and the Mediterranean, the weather in Lysos can differ significantly from the weather in Polis or Paphos. It can rain in Lysos while the sun shines in Paphos. Due to the altitude of Lysos between 500 m to 600 m above sea level, the temperatures of Lysos are usually 4 to 5 degrees below those of Paphos. This is very pleasant in summer, but in winter it can get very cold in the mountains, while it is still quite mild on the southern coast around Paphos.
If you rent a house in Lysos in winter, you should pay attention to heating.
Lysos 31.12.2019
Rainbow above our village. Latchi 30.12.2018 15:45
The sun is shining in the morning. A nice day for a walk by the sea. After 25 minutes we reach the coast between Polis and Latchi. After we walked to the harbor, dark clouds came up and it started to rain. After a drink in the Faros Restaurant, the rainy area moved out to the sea and we walk back to our parking lot accompanied by a rainbow in the sunshine. Lysos 20.12.2018 6:50
Winter time is rainy season! After three days of rain, the mist wafts through the valleys in the morning. Lysos 20.12.2018 12:00
In the course of the morning the fog clears, the clouds break open. We are rewarded with a fantastic view. The headland of the Akamas peninsula is at least 24.5 km and the horizon 85 km away. Lysos 27.01.2017
Statistically unlikely, but it happens. A cold front from the north brings the snow and the temperatures drop to 1° C. The day before it was 11° C Lysos 2.03.2017
The almond trees are blooming. At the beginning of March, temperatures rose above 20 ° C for the first time. Spring arrived!